The Kikay In Me Discovered After 20 Years

I was never a Kikay in my entire life until September 30, 2010. Remember my post about The Birth of Aphrodite In The Making? If you haven't read it yet, I guess it would be best to start there. =)

When this blog was given birth, so as the "Kikay In Me" too. I never really had an idea what it's like to be a kikay -- just like what common teenage girls do.

When these girls had pressed powders, lip balm, eye shadows and even mascaras -- I could still clearly remember that I only have my J&J loose powder (the white variant).

When they carefully lined their eyebrows, put in eyeshadows, mascara and lipsticks and press each foam of powder to their face -- I only have to pour a small amount in my palm, clap and clap till the powder goes with the air before it lands to my face. That's how I was in my teenage till college years.

Does it sound so boring? As in real boring teenage life? I know it does, but it was my choice anyway. In fact, I wasn't bored anyway! So does that matter?

But life never failed to amaze me with its surprises. Who would have thought that after two decades, I can still be a Kikay? For roughly two months, I have quiet a lot of discoveries of products and tips that I learned from friends and internet references. And yes, I discovered a new me as well. And most importantly, I discovered what "Kikay-ness" really is about.

Being Kikay doesn't simply mean having all those fancy cosmetic products, luxurious hair treatments and spas but I learned it goes back and forth to its main goal -- to be confident! It's really about the confidence, my dear ladies and gentlemen. Whether you dressed the simplest or the most glamorous, as long as you are confident of who you are -- you will always look and feel at your best! =)

So, Have a Happy Kikay Discovery Everyone! =)

PS: I'd like to extend my gratitude to these beautiful peeps who inspired me to write this post.
Kikay Much (,
GetPrettified( (

Female Davao Bloggers Bonded in TLCShop

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To account, this is my first time to join and even learned of a bloggers' event exclusively for ladies. It was a kikay-bonding with beautiful bloggers -- Alma, Kathy, Joyce, Leah and the organizers - Brendel and Ria. We visited Davao TLCShop who is also beautifully owned by Joeanne.

The excitement grew deeper as each day of waiting passes. You'd even feel more the essence of waiting when you get in to the thrill of finding Jo's TLCShop...hehhee.. till now I couldn't figure where it really is.

We really had fun. Evidence to that? Oh well, we lasted from 7pm to 11pm -- is that enough? If not, hey how about you take a look of what we've got that night. ;)

can't get enough of this powder's fragrance... hhhhhhhmmmmm....

it's all about freebies...

Alma applying the BB cream...

Brendel doing some demo to Kathy...

the group hug w/out Leah since she's the photographer...

I'd really like to thank Alma for informing me about this event, Jo for welcoming us to your shop, Ria and Brendel for organizing, Leah for the photos and the rest of female bloggers who graced the said event. Hope to see you again girls, very soon! =)

First Make Up Tutorial With Kathy

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As mentioned in my previous post -- The Birth of Aphrodite In The Making, I was really challenged on how to put make up by myself. I started to panic on what are the steps, what are needed and etc. And thanks a lot to my dear friend Kathy who came into rescue.

Our tutorial session took place in Chicco De Cafe - her bf having some smoothie while watching us doing a so-so girly thing. LOL!

Meet the tutor...

and the student... heheheh =)

Kathy taught me how to apply powder, lipstick, lip gloss, up down - left right motion with a smiling face in putting a blush on.

What was really funny is that I already bought myself twice a Simply Pretty Dual Powder Foundation.

But it was only that day I learned its true and proper use. Oh well, I just simply use it as a face powder and appreciated the fact it has separate compartment for the sponge without knowing it is there for a purpose. LOL!

Okay for the benefit of those who doesn't know just like me, it is actually a powder if you applied directly with the dry sponge. Once you applied the powder with reasonable wetness on the sponge, it gives you same coverage like a foundation. And the separate compartment for sponge with holes in it, are created in purpose to provide air passage needed in drying out the wet sponge and avoiding unfavorable odor. Kathy also shared to me few of her tested and most trusted brands especially for blush ons and lipstick.

Now I got 1 light shade of In2It blush on, lipstick, Avon quad earth eyeshadows , Super Curlacious mascara and Nivea lip balm. See my starter stuff below. ;)

The Birth of Aphrodite In The Making

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Once upon a time, there was a girl...

And then she grew up and thinks of nothing else but how to excel in school...
Finally she graduated and started working. This time she evolved, she now cares for her financial needs yet unstoppable and impulsive urges to travel left her no choice but throw bucks to different airline companies.
Then here came a sudden change of career plans... which shifted her journey like a roller coaster ride.

While taking the alternate route for a better future, she then have to sacrifice her thousand bucks tickets to travel abroad and more and more of tickets booked for year 2010.

And now here's the catch -- she was forced to learn how to wear make up as per her new career's demand! "Whaaaaaaattt?" -- that was her initial reaction when she first heard she has to do it. She realized learning that kind of stuff is more challenging than any work related concerns that she may encounter. Imagine for two decades, she never has done that! But thanks to a very good friend of hers - Kathyloooo (as she fondly calls her) who has graciously extended help to this girl -- who after 20 years realized she's now a lady. Thus, gives birth to this blog whose author's name is Grace aka GirlOpinion. ;)